RPM Challenge 2017 – Completed

RPM Challenge 2017 Album complete. The title is “Eagle Rock Mac Neil No. 1” and I’ve posted a video showing the Minecraft machine that was used to make it.

The album is available for streaming or purchase (pay what you want – including free) at Bandcamp:


RPM Challenge 2017 – Starting

It’s February, which means time for RPM Challenge. I’ve been doing this for nine years, and for the last couple, I’ve used Minecraft to make my RPM album.

This year, I’m using Minecraft again, but a little differently. I’m making a resource pack that replaces Minecraft’s sounds with my own, then building a machine to play them.

Walking To End MS

Sunday April 17th 2016 is the annual Greater Los Angeles Walk MS.

This is the fifth year I’ve done the walk, but this is the first year I’m trying to raise money for the National MS Society.

So far, I have raised over $1100 for the National MS Society. Please consider supporting this cause by donating to my National MS Society fundraising page.

All donations go directly to the National MS Society. They are a national charity that supports those with Multiple Sclerosis and fund research for treatments and a cure. More than 80% of their money goes to non-fundraising programs.

Crash The Planet This Saturday

CRASH Space is having its first art show this Saturday at 8 PM. There is going to be a lot of tech-inspired art, including blinky LEDs, glitch art, mechanical flipbooks, neon art, 3D projection mapping, and augmented reality.

It will also be the world premiere of the full version of Happenstance, my 4  CD audio installation piece from 2002.

I’ve had some website issues, so I don’t have a link to information on my early music. I must fix that.

Happenstance is four compact discs designed to be played at the same time on shuffle and repeat. Each disc contains one “layer” of the composition. The random playback and mix of four discs ensures that time the piece is played is unique.

I won’t be able to attend the show on Saturday, but the four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles boomboxes are set up with the four CDs, ready to be started.

I’ve never had four CD players in one place that could play back the full version of Happenstance before (I made a single-disc version for easier listening). I set up the boomboxes on Wednesday night and heard about a half hour of it. It was surreal hearing music that was at once familiar and strange.

In a way, I’m kind of happy that it will be played at the art show where other people will hear it but I won’t because it means no one person will have heard all of the piece.

CRASH Space is located at 10526 West Venice Blvd. in Culver City. Crash The Planet will take place from 8-11 PM on Saturday, 2 April 2016.

RPM Challenge 2016 Done

I completed my RPM Challenge 2016 album on time and mailed off the CDs.

Since it was made using Minecraft and I post Minecraft videos to YouTube, I planned to post the whole thing in a (very long) video. But there was a weird audio issue in the recording, so I decided to do a second take and use that for the album. So video recording I have is not the actual album. So I edited down a short preview to show roughly how it went.

If you want to listen to the finished album, you can do that on my Bandcamp page. You can listen to it for free, and if you want to download it, it’s available as a pay-what-you-want (including free) purchase.