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Buy A Shirt, Get An Album For Free (Or Not)

Up to a certain point, the internet makes it possible for an independent artist to sell music directly to fans. Past that point, some help (a label, probably) is necessary. For new artists, or established artists who think they will never get to the big time, direct internet sales makes a great deal of sense. […]


Binary Bebop – RPM 2010 album

Der Golem

I think Music For The Monsters/Robots/Whatever is essentially done. At least the music part. I’ve begun working on the artwork – which may be somewhat pointless because there may not be a physical release. Not being able to settle on a title has been a great procrastination method. Not that there is a need to […]

Compression (Two Types)

I have complained frequently in the past (though not on this blog, apparently) that the iPod is ruining music. Well, not the iPod itself so much as a all the things that helped make the iPod popular: limited internet bandwidth, small hard drives, and crappy headphones. In the days of dialup modems and hard drives […]

Super Duper Special Edition

A couple weeks ago, BoingBoing had a story about a “musician” who was selling his new album in a special edition which includes a command performance for $5000. The “musician” is in fact John Wesley Harding, a favorite around here, and this is his first new album in half a decade. I’ve been eagerly waiting […]