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Digital Black Hole

Archaeologists looking back on our time will be confounded by two problems of our own making: the Cultural Black Hole and a Digital Black Hole. We live in amazing times. Technology gives us pocket-sized computers which allow us to communicate with others thousands of miles away, as well as record events in audio and video. […]

Kind Of Bloop

August 17th marks the 50th anniversary of Kind Of Blue, the seminal Miles Davis jazz masterpiece. If you have any jazz albums, chances are this is one of them. And if you’ve never heard it, go buy it now. No, really. We’ll be here when you get done with that. Ever wonder what Kind Of […]

YouTube Remixed

Go read this. Then enjoy the videos here. I can’t think of anything more eloquent to say anthing about this than Mr. Mann already did. All I can do is sit in awe of the creativity, skill, and effort that went into this, and wonder if I’ve been wasting my life.

Wii Remote Hacks

The Nintendo Wii is a revolutionary video game console, not because of its processing power or graphics capabilities – neither of which are extraordinary – but because of its controller, the Wii Remote. Essentially a $40 high-resolution IR camera with a 3D accelerometer and Bluetooth radio, the Wii Remote is very interesting to DIY types. […]

What’s My Name?

My post about Robert Rauschenberg’s passing contained a typo – I mis-spelled his name Rauschemberg (since fixed). Last week, this blog started getting a rash of traffic generated by search engines resulting from multiple phrases containing “Rauschemberg”. Some of the phrases (“combines de rauschemberg”) make it clear that these are folks searching on information about […]