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Crash The Planet This Saturday

CRASH Space is having its first art show this Saturday at 8 PM. There is going to be a lot of tech-inspired art, including blinky LEDs, glitch art, mechanical flipbooks, neon art, 3D projection mapping, and augmented reality. It will also be the world premiere of the full version of Happenstance, my 4  CD audio installation piece […]

RPM Challenge 2016 Done

I completed my RPM Challenge 2016 album on time and mailed off the CDs. Since it was made using Minecraft and I post Minecraft videos to YouTube, I planned to post the whole thing in a (very long) video. But there was a weird audio issue in the recording, so I decided to do a second take […]

The Just 3D Print eBay Store Is Now Empty

Just over a week ago, the awesome Loubie (really – go check out her designs) posted Sad Face! on Thingiverse about the eBay store, which was selling 3D prints of thousands of things off Thingiverse, using the original photos. This would have been fine had they abided by the licenses (mostly Creative Commons) attached to […]

RPM Challenge 2016 Cover

I didn’t need the extra (leap) day for RPM Challenge this year. Here’s the cover I made for it. I’ll be uploading to Bandcamp shortly as a pay-what-you-want download. It should be available in the RPM Challenge jukebox as well at some point.

RPM Challenge 2016

It seems I post on this blog only once a year when RPM Challenge time rolls around. This is the 11th year of the challenge, and will be my 9th year participating. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing, but I’ve been exploring using Minecraft again. Maybe something like this: