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Monome – Video

Here’s the completed Monome in action. It’s a ChucK script that uses the Monome buttons for Conway’s Game Of Life – along with sounds generated by the cells on the buttons.


Back in March, I wrote about wanting a 16×16 grid sequencer, and some of the options that were available. Since then, Monome released a new kit that was expandable to 16×16, and I took the plunge. It was a bit more money than I planned, but it got me what I wanted and provided the […]

Contact Mic Workshop At Machine Project

Last night, Machine Project hosted a contact microphone workshop followed by an art installation entitled Amplified Party. The evening was lead by sound artists John P. Hastings and Casey Anderson. Using simple piezo disks, workshop attendees soldered simple contact microphones. If you Google “making a contact microphone” you might find the resulting tutorials to be […]

CNC Music

The MakerBot, like most CNC devices, uses stepper motors to control the build platform and Z axis. Stepper motors work by turning on and off to precisely control positioning, which means they make noise. The noise generated depends on the motion, so if you move the motors just right, you can control the pitch and […]

Noise Toy Mk 3

There was a Music Hack Day at Crash Space on Saturday and I finished the re-designed noise toy. The output levels are a bit lower than I expected, but still good. Certainly more headphone-friendly. And ultimately, being entirely composed of square waves, the output has a resolution of 1 bit, so it can be amplified […]