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The Just 3D Print eBay Store Is Now Empty

Just over a week ago, the awesome LoubieĀ (really – go check out her designs) posted Sad Face! on Thingiverse about the eBay store, which was selling 3D prints of thousands of things off Thingiverse, using the original photos. This would have been fine had they abided by the licenses (mostly Creative Commons) attached to […]

One More Thing About Those Radiohead WAVE Files

I was getting tired of analyzing WAVE files by hand with a hex editor. So I wrote a Perl script to do it. It parses through the RIFF file and it’s chunks, making sure the WAVE header exists and that it’s properly formed. Unexpectedly, I found another issue with the Radiohead The King Of Limbs […]

Kind Of Bloop

August 17th marks the 50th anniversary of Kind Of Blue, the seminal Miles Davis jazz masterpiece. If you have any jazz albums, chances are this is one of them. And if you’ve never heard it, go buy it now. No, really. We’ll be here when you get done with that. Ever wonder what Kind Of […]


Magic is an interesting art form in that it is primarily based on live performance. There is a thriving magic publishing industry, but it is not targeted at the general public. Instead, it is focused on selling books and DVDs to other magicians. Magic media for the layperson is mostly confined to the occasional variety […]

YouTube Remixed

Go read this. Then enjoy the videos here. I can’t think of anything more eloquent to say anthing about this than Mr. Mann already did. All I can do is sit in awe of the creativity, skill, and effort that went into this, and wonder if I’ve been wasting my life.