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More iPhone Music

Some folks are doing cool stuff for real with the iPhone and Nintendo DS. Japanese artist Jet Daisuke took his Nintendo DSi, attached a straw, and turned the Korg DS-10 into a talkbox. (Cool enough, but people have been doing this for decades.) Jet Daisuke also does a gadget “orchestra” of the Nintendo DS, iPhone/iPod […]

The Flaming Lips’ New Guitar Hero Axe

NBC got the Flaming Lips (among others) to do their interpretation of the NBC chimes. There’s a video that shows Wayne’s double-neck guitar hack – he’s replaced one of the necks with a Guitar Hero controller. He even says, “there are a lot of kids who think this is how you play guitar now.” I […]

Felicia Day Can Write A Cookie To My Computer Any Day

You saw Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, right? Right??? Everybody and their dog blogged about it. Felicia Day is great as Penny, but she’s also kind of the actress version of Jonathan Coulton – using the internet to promote her work. Her website is a great launchpad for all her various internet presences. Like Jonathan Coulton, […]

Ben Burtt, Electronic Musician

Go see WALL-E. No, really. Do it now. I’ll wait here until you get back, if you want. It’s a brilliant film. I thought Pixar would have trouble topping Cars, which was nothing less than the Great American Movie. WALL-E is drawn on a more expansive canvas, about nothing less than the indomitable human spirit […]


Cory Doctorow has thought more about alternative distribution strategies than just about just about anyone else. His medium is the written word, but the fundamentals are the same. Think like a dandelion, he says. The crux of his point is that mammals expend a great deal of energy to foster each and every offspring to […]