Monthly Archives: December 2007


A few years ago, I started a (non-musical) year-long project involving taking a photograph each day. The photographs were mostly taken with a Holga “toy camera” using 120 medium format film, scanned and posted at Dankerton. The process is a bit cumbersome, and while I took all the pictures, they never got processed and posted. […]

The Revolution Will Be Computerized

These notes from a 1979 album of computer music speculates that with the proliferation of the personal computer, everyone would become “sound explorers”. Before the advent of the PC, “computer music” was largely an academic endeavor because computers were large and expensive and university was the only place most people could use one. In 1979, […]

Of Scales (not fish)

We humans are decimal creatures. We have ten fingers and ten toes, and so think of everything in tens (except for Spinal Tap, naturally). So why do we use twelve notes in our musical scale? I wanted to see what a ten-tone scale would sound like. But this is easier said than done. You can’t […]

Music For The Monsters

The new album progresses. There are several tracks done, and I’ve got several hours worth of sketches and tests. But not all of it fits the theme, so I still need some new material. The theme is based on the question “What would robot music sound like?”

Hello world!

10 print “Hello world!” 20 goto 10 Welcome to the Bangsplat blog.  This will be a place for news, sample tracks, and musical musings.