Monthly Archives: January 2008

RPM Challenge

Here’s an interesting idea. Record an album in the month of February. It’s called the RPM Challenge. 10 songs or 35 minutes of original material recorded in 29 days (it’s a leap year). That’s an average of about 72 seconds of material a day. I’m working on Music For The Monsters, but I like this […]

Bobby Fischer

Robert James Fischer died last week in Iceland. Yes, he was a kook, clearly mentally unstable, and in his later years a certifiable anti-semetic lunatic, but this does not outweigh his genius as one of the best Chess players of all time. One of his career highlights was the 13th game of his 1972 world […]

Some Long Compositions

I maybe shouldn’t include the jazz,as there aren’t any “classical” pieces listed. But the line gets blurry. And I’m not ruling out pieces borken up into multiple parts due to the limitations of LPs or CDs. Free Jazz (1960, Ornette Coleman) In C (1964, Terry Riley) I Am Sitting In A Room (1970, Alvin Lucier) […]


I like long. I like quiet. I like noisy. I like slow evolution. I noticed that when I’m working on a piece that isn’t quite working, my default experiment is to pitch it down a couple octaves to see if it sounds more interesting. And very often it does. Which has a couple interesting side […]


This looks interesting. From the artist’s statement: VIRTUOSIC is a four-screen video piece which falls somewhere in between the boundaries of performance and installation art. Four musicians were recorded playing their parts of the Allegro from Schubert’s Death and the Maiden in isolation from each other, only coming together to form a string quartet in […]