Monthly Archives: April 2008

Free Music Is Not A Marketing Strategy

I feel like a zealous evangelist saying this, but the whole point of providing a free option on music distribution is to let more people hear your music, not to sell more of the non-free stuff. It’s a business model, not a marketing strategy. Some of you might say there is no difference. And you […]

Metallica Sees The Light?

Metallica is now embracing file sharing? In a Rolling Stone interview, Metallica talks about plans for their new album. So, their fight against Napster was “never about downloading”? and that they have been closely watching Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails and looking to see how they can “embrace everything”. Okay… So they are now interested […]

Bobby Fischer, Take 2

As an alternative to the wide frequency range of the first Bobby Fischer piece, I decided to try using the dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) strategy employed by the touch tone telephone. Each button on the telephone plays two tones at once, so only eight frequencies are required to encode sixteen buttons. (The phone is designed for […]

Michael Crawford

Here’s a musician who takes the alternative music distribution thing to the extreme. Not only is his music available for free download, he’ll even send you a CD for free. I once worked out that it costs me almost $5 to produce a copy of Happenstance (single-disc version). A quality CD-R and jewel case, two […]