Monthly Archives: July 2008

Neil Young, Audio Engineer

By The Way, Neil Young has the worst website in the world. But we won’t hold that against him. He’s a geek who obsesses over electric hybrid cars and sits on the board of a toy company. Oh, yeah – and he’s a fine musician, too. This week he spoke at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech […]


This is, of course, the coolest thing in the world. Apple I BASIC Cassette Tape. The sound is reminiscent of the Longitudinal Time Code (LTC) inspired sounds I created for The Superstitions Of Witchcraft. The main difference to my ears is the synchronization mechanism that LTC employs to allow one to figure out where one […]

Dream Last Night

In my dream, I had to program the alarm clock in XML. There were dozens and dozens of tags required, and apparently the XML parser was not very robust because the slightest variation in the formatting would cause the alarm not to go off. Obviously a stress dream — my day job involves lots of […]


Saw a story on Slashdot about LegalTorrents – a Bittorrent tracker that exclusively hosts works licensed under Creative Commons. Oh, cool! Maybe they might be interested in seeding The Rauschenberg Variations. Let’s go sign up. Just to be safe, let’s just check the Terms And Conditions Of Use… 6. If you post content or submit […]

Ben Burtt, Electronic Musician

Go see WALL-E. No, really. Do it now. I’ll wait here until you get back, if you want. It’s a brilliant film. I thought Pixar would have trouble topping Cars, which was nothing less than the Great American Movie. WALL-E is drawn on a more expansive canvas, about nothing less than the indomitable human spirit […]