Monthly Archives: August 2008

Man In The Moon

It first occurred to me in first grade, looking at all the colors pinned on the wall, that two people could see things in completely different ways. What color is the Golden Gate Bridge? Ask a dozen people, and you’ll find a split between red and orange. But it might be that the color called […]

Chip Music

Pitchfork is streaming a really cool documentary called Blip Festival – Reformat The Planet on their website this week. Go check it out. Makes me want to dig up my old school Game Boy and get a LSDJ cartridge.

Felicia Day Can Write A Cookie To My Computer Any Day

You saw Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, right? Right??? Everybody and their dog blogged about it. Felicia Day is great as Penny, but she’s also kind of the actress version of Jonathan Coulton – using the internet to promote her work. Her website is a great launchpad for all her various internet presences. Like Jonathan Coulton, […]

Adventures In Linuxland

I got one of those Eee PC 901s – the 20 GB model with Linux pre-installed. Short story: I decided to install Ubuntu on it rather than the pre-installed Xandros Linux. But I am unable to re-mount a USB stick, which rather limits its usability. After struggling with this for several days, finding a number […]

He Likes It, He Really Likes It

I have a new goal in life. Our little 6 month old Chihuahua, Bowser, is weird. He doesn’t like singing, particularly resonant a cappella singing. It drives him nuts and is one of the few things he will bark at. (The other thing he barks at is ridiculous footwear. He saw a guy wearing purple […]