Monthly Archives: September 2008

This Is Why The Internet Is Great

A college kid named Molly (aka sweetafton23) buys a ukulele with flowers on it and posts videos to YouTube of her playing various songs on it. On April 8, she posts a video of her playing “Still Alive”, Jonathan Coulton’s song for the end credits of Portal. A blog named Infinite Lives realizes that Molly […]


Cory Doctorow has a follow up to his “Think Like A Dandelion” article (previously discussed here), called “Macropayments“. I hadn’t heard of the term micropayments before, though it should have been an obvious idea – the opposite of a micropayment. Scott McCloud has been advocating the idea of micropayments as a way for artists to […]

Does Not

Do your ears a favor and go check out the new Brad Sucks album, “Out Of It“. Brad’s pulled everything together into a perfect storm of indie digi distribution. Creative Commons licensing. Preview the entire album for free. Pay-what-you-want pricing (for both digital download and physical CD). MP3 download while you wait for the delivery […]


Metallica’s new album comes out next week. Of course, if you really want to listen to it before then, it’s available from all the usual sources. Apparently, Lars is okay with the early leaks. Perhaps they have figured out that this isn’t going to hurt sales that much and they’re still going to make a […]


As a corollary to my self-imagined Long Music Movement is the Slow Movement, which puts for the notion that faster is not always better. In today’s world, it is all too easy to want to rush through everything, faster faster faster. Instant gratification, video on demand, digital downloads, e-mail at the speed of light. Carl […]