Monthly Archives: October 2008

The Flaming Lips’ New Guitar Hero Axe

NBC got the Flaming Lips (among others) to do their interpretation of the NBC chimes. There’s a video that shows Wayne’s double-neck guitar hack – he’s replaced one of the necks with a Guitar Hero controller. He even says, “there are a lot of kids who think this is how you play guitar now.” I […]

Strange But True

Did you know that Abraham Lincoln wrote the song Ghostbusters? It’s true. Ray Parker Jr. stole the melody from Huey Lewis, but it’s a little-known fact that it was originally written by ABRAHAM LINCOLN. Yes, our sixteenth president wrote the theme song for the movie Ghostbusters. Look it up! Happy Halloween Josie and Michael!

The Anti-Rock Band

Wii Music is the anti Guitar Hero/Rock Band. (And that’s a good thing.) It won’t teach you to play an actual instrument, but you make actual music, and it encourages you to “color outside the lines”. It just came out yesterday, so I’ve only seen a small fraction of the game. So far it’s all […]

JoCo’s Funny Story

I never noticed that Code Monkey was mono. But then, so is most of my stuff. Some pieces (Happenstance and Birdstance, mostly) are designed to have some channel separation here and there, but most are not. Mono is underrated. Which is not to say that stereo is overrated. But if the music is good enough, […]

This Is Why The Internet Is Great, Part 2

The missus and I watch Project Runway (among a number of other reality television shows). Last night, we watched the finale, and during Leanne’s Bryant Park runway show, I said to the missus, “I like that music.” I had no idea what the music was, and figured I never would, as they don’t credit music […]