Monthly Archives: October 2008

iPhone Music

Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers have a generative music iPhone/iPod Touch app called Bloom. And it is awesome. It’s kind of a minimal Electroplankton without the creatures. Touching the screen plays a note. It’s very intuitive – the higher on the screen, the higher the note. It emulates a tape loop delay, so each note […]

“wav file for car noise at 10 dB”

One of the top searches that leads people to this blog is “wav file for car noise at 10 dB”. Currently, the third result on Google for that phrase is my post LPCM WAV AAC And MP3. I’m at a loss why someone would search on this particular phrase. Or why this blog shows up […]

Einstein’s Transposition

My recent trip was bookended (if I may invent a verb) by a pair of 30 hour train rides, by far the most time I have ever spent on a train. I love trains and the noises they make. My first significant composition is built nearly entirely out of train sounds. A fascinating thing I […]

Two Weeks

Been away on a much-deserved vacation for the last couple weeks. Brought along enough toys to blog and do some audio work, but did neither, so it’s been a little quiet around here. The content part of Music For The Monsters is just about done, I think, so I’ve been working on thoughts for the […]