Monthly Archives: December 2008

Defective By Design

The Defective By Design folks probably don’t mean that title in an ironic way. But the whole idea behind their anti-DRM campaign is itself problematic. The site should be a general resource of information on Digital Rights Management and why it is in general a bad idea. There is some of this – they do […]

iPhone Music (Revisited)

I finally got my iPhone yesterday. Early Christmas present! I downloaded Bloom of course. And Four Track, which has gotten some interesting reviews. But when I went to get Sonic Lighter, I discovered that Smule had released more apps. More iPhone ChucK goodies! The popular one is Ocarina, which is exactly what the name suggests. […]

Sir Paul, Fireman

Paul McCartney proves why he was the best Beatle. Only partially joking, though he was always my favorite. *** This is starting to sound familiar – and it’s a good thing. Paul McCartney, in his Fireman guise (with collaborator Youth), has a new album, Electric Arguments. And he seems to have gotten over whatever it […]


A little off topic for this blog, but… I had pizza at Disneyland yesterday. Oh, yeah. This is noteworthy because I have some serious food allergies, including wheat, and eating out – especially pizza – is really difficult. Disneyland has always been sensitive to special dietary needs, at least by providing ingredient lists. But even […]

Deluxe My Foot

AAAAARRRRRGH! Why Do They Insist On Doing This? A friend told us that the new 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of Murmur sounded really good. Woo-hoo! Remastered R.E.M.! Well, not so fast there, bucko. Let’s look at the booklet… In the remastering credits, no one from the band or the original production team is listed. That’s […]