Monthly Archives: January 2009

RPM Challenge 2009

I rather enjoyed last year’s RPM Challenge and will be participating again this year. In fact, I can’t wait until midnight to get started. (The RPM Challenge is an organization which encourages musicians to write, record, mix, and master an album in the month of February.) You can still hear my 2008 entry in the […]

The Dynamic Album

David Hooper’s Music Marketing [dot] com is always a fascinating read on the independant music business. He has an article talking about Nashville musician Geoff Smith, who calls his latest album “Ones And 0s” a “dynamic album”. This is great name for the music subscription model. The album is not a static traditional album that […]

Robot Sings The Blues

This week, there’s been some buzz surrounding Microsoft’s latest software, Songsmith. Yes, Microsoft. Songsmith is touted as a everyone-can-make-music killer app. You just sing into a microphone and it makes up music to match. Just what everyone wants to do on a Friday evening. The original demo video suggests that it makes up music based […]

The Expert At The DVD Player

I visit Las Vegas at least twice a year, for the Consumer Electronics Show and the National Association Of Broadcasters conference. Although I look forward to these trips out of personal interest, these are work trips, to keep up on developments in the world of high tech. So these trips are not the fun and […]

CES Day Three

I wrapped up my CES visit in the Sands Expo Center. This is typically the land of Cheap Chinese Crap. The coolest thing I saw was AudioBone – the so-called “stereo bone conduction headphone”. Headphones which sit on the side of the head but not over the ears. They transmit audio through the bones in […]