Monthly Archives: February 2009

Super Duper Special Edition

A couple weeks ago, BoingBoing had a story about a “musician” who was selling his new album in a special edition which includes a command performance for $5000. The “musician” is in fact John Wesley Harding, a favorite around here, and this is his first new album in half a decade. I’ve been eagerly waiting […]

Subscription Music Goes Mainstream

Apple and EMI announced iTunes Pass today, which is kind of like a season pass for an album. The first iTunes Pass is the new Depeche Mode album, Sounds Of The Universe. So far, one track is available for purchase. If you purchase the pass, you get it and one pass-only track, as well as […]

RPM Challenge 2009 Update 2

I have a title for the RPM Challenge piece: Discrete Silicon Transform.

RPM Challenge 2009 Update

So, whose brilliant idea was it to schedule the finale of the Tour Of California (finishing up in Escondido), the NASCAR Auto Club 500 (in Fontana), and the Oscars (Hollywood) all on the same day? My TiVo is straining under the load. Somehow, I managed to finish my RPM Challenge 2009 piece as well. Or […]

The Bangsplat Non-Realtime Audio Synthesizer

I’ve been writing a software synthesizer to help develop some ideas that have been percolating recently. Why not use one of the many readily-available synthesizers in the world (either hardware or software)? Two reasons. Most additive synthesis synthesizers are limited to one or two (or at most, several) oscillators. But what if you want more? […]