Monthly Archives: March 2009

Music For The Monsters – Or Robots

Music For The Monsters has been renamed (for now) Music For The Robots. I realized that the album is a collection of dance numbers for robots. I’m saving Monsters for a future project. Today I sequenced the new album and listened to it in order for the first time. I like it. More than I […]

RPM Challenge 2009 Live

My entry for this year’s 2009 RPM Challenge is now available in the jukebox. You can go listen for free and even download it.


Over the past week, a theater downtown has been showing the Godfrey Reggio film Koyaanisqatsi, with a different musical act providing live soundtrack each night. The theater is the Downtown Independent, a shining new space in a not-so-shining neighborhood. It’s a cool theater – they have reclining couches and serve beer. They need to do […]

Compression (Two Types)

I have complained frequently in the past (though not on this blog, apparently) that the iPod is ruining music. Well, not the iPod itself so much as a all the things that helped make the iPod popular: limited internet bandwidth, small hard drives, and crappy headphones. In the days of dialup modems and hard drives […]

Table Music

Courtney Taylor Taylor of the Dandy Warhols made a post on their site yesterday about their latest music project, and I’m tingling with anticipation. One of the only baroque records that I truly love is a collection of tafelmusik by Johann Heinrich Schmeltzer. Back in those days the very wealthy and powerful would hire their […]