Monthly Archives: April 2009

It’s All The Same

Ken at the steelbrassnwood blog has a nice piece on the Philip Glass/Ira Glass meetup, “Glass On Glass”: Glass (Philip, that is) discusses his take on emotion in music: So Ira asked the obvious question, the one many people ask about Glass’s music. If he creates it by establishing small, simple elements, and then varying […]

In C 45th Anniversary

When you think of Los Angeles music, what pops to mind? Probably a seedy club on the Sunset Strip or the Hollywood Bowl. L.A.’s music tradition lay in film scores and rock music. Which is unfortunate. Los Angeles is home to some fantastic music venues, including the world-class Walt Disney Concert Hall. The L.A. Philharmonic […]

Der Golem

I think Music For The Monsters/Robots/Whatever is essentially done. At least the music part. I’ve begun working on the artwork – which may be somewhat pointless because there may not be a physical release. Not being able to settle on a title has been a great procrastination method. Not that there is a need to […]

Top 20 Albums

I’m a little slow and missed the whole top 20 albums meme on Facebook, so here it is. Twenty albums that are influential to me or have changed the way I think about music. The Trees at Disneyland Specifically, the Dixieland music coming from the trees at Disneyland. Not an album, I know, but a […]