Monthly Archives: May 2009

Ukulele Number 2: The Quickening

Oh, the agony of the un-coordinated perfectionist. This past week, the Stewart-MacDonald ukulele kit arrived, along with the replacement tuners for Ukulele Number 1. The tuners went in easily enough, and they seem to do the trick – the uke keeps its tune much better now, even with brand new strings. The Stew-Mac kit is […]


Given my focus on non-realtime music, it is odd that my most recent obsession is with ukuleles. Neither grade school piano lessons nor a University rock guitar god fantasy turned me into much of a musical performer. I can play a piano, of course – it is a very simple instrument – but just because […]

JoCo & Co.

A year ago today, Jonathan Coulton came to play at the House Of Blues on the Sunset Strip. It was the most enjoyable experience seeing a show at the House Of Blues, and I would have gladly returned for tonight’s edition of JoCo & Co. However, it was not necessary, as they played at the […]