Monthly Archives: June 2009

Film Vs. Digital

I spend a lot of time talking about how digital technology affects audio, particularly in terms of music creation and distribution. Photography is affected in much the same way. Millions of people enjoy the benefits of digital photography every day, though the advantages are somewhat smaller than for digital audio. Film cameras are cheap. Film […]

The Fireman Has Landed

Today I got an odd-looking piece of mail: a large blue plastic bag closed by a zip tie and sporting a Swedish customs tag. Big and heavy, I wasn’t sure what was in it, mostly because it was something I ordered six months ago and was a month late – the super special super duper […]

Relative Humidity

Fine custom Ukulele luthiers, particularly those in Hawaii, like to brag about their humidity controlled workshops. Wood is designed to carry water from the ground and air to all parts of the tree. Cutting down the tree does not change that behavior. Meaning that water does horrible things to wood. This week in Los Angeles […]