Monthly Archives: July 2009

Kind Of Bloop

August 17th marks the 50th anniversary of Kind Of Blue, the seminal Miles Davis jazz masterpiece. If you have any jazz albums, chances are this is one of them. And if you’ve never heard it, go buy it now. No, really. We’ll be here when you get done with that. Ever wonder what Kind Of […]

Music For The Robots

The Music part of Music For The Robots is complete. The tracks have been done for a while, but I was searching for names for a couple of the tracks. The album name has changed. I’m still going to do a Music For The Monsters, but this turned into a different album. I realized that […]


Magic is an interesting art form in that it is primarily based on live performance. There is a thriving magic publishing industry, but it is not targeted at the general public. Instead, it is focused on selling books and DVDs to other magicians. Magic media for the layperson is mostly confined to the occasional variety […]

I’m Sorry, Grace

Our rental car has a CD player, but we brought no CDs with us. So we went to Best Buy to buy a CD, and settled on Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. The sweet girl at the register, Grace, looked at the CD and said, “I should listen to more classical music. It’s supposed to make you […]