Monthly Archives: August 2009

Fire Update

Last night, the Station Fire double (at least) in size to over 85,000 acres. From what I understand, firefighters are struggling in part because the high-heat, low-humidity, low-wind conditions are unusual for fire season. The fire is spreading as if it is being whipped up by the Santa Ana winds, but there aren’t any. And […]


Southern California is prone to a number of natural disasters, and right now it is fire season. There are four wildfires burning in the Los Angeles area right now, the largest of which (dubbed the “Station Fire”) has burned over 42,000 acres, and they only have it 5% contained. RIght now, they’re focusing on keeping […]

There’s Something Wrong In My Mind

I don’t think I’ve complained about 3D (that is, stereoscopic imagery) much on this blog, but if I have, you may safely ignore it. 3D is all the rage in Hollywood right now, with enough theatrical 3D releases this year to provide real competition for 3D screens (Neil Gaiman warned via Twitter that Coraline would […]

Richard Turner, Cheat

Richard Turner is a master with the pasteboards. He is not a magician; he does not do tricks. He does demonstrations of card cheating techniques. What he does looks an awful lot like magic – assistants chosen from the audience help him by shuffling, cutting, and re-arranging the deck, and he deals out perfect poker […]

Fifteen Movies

Another Facebook quiz thingie. Two in a week. Ye-gads! This time, it’s fifteen movies that will always stick with you. Here goes: Star Wars (1977, George Lucas) Yes, The Empire Strikes Back is a better movie, but COME ON – I was 8 years old and I saw this in the Coronet, the grand San […]