Monthly Archives: November 2009

Thingamakit Update

I have installed the electronics in the lunchbox. And it works, mostly. The lunchbox material is a little thin for drilling holes and mounting stuff. So it’s a bit wobbly in spots, and some of the holes were not as neat as I would have liked. Once I got it in, I installed the battery […]


Bangsplat hearts Bleep Labs. I found out about them in early 2008, when they were selling a cute anthropomorphic synthesizer called the Thingamagoop. I bought one right away, and it is extremely cool. Shortly afterwards, they released the Thingamakit, a kit synth that is like a super-powered Thingamagoop – two LEDacles, plus more switches […]

The Loud Objects Noise Toy

The Loud Objects are a collective of electronic noise musicians, including Tristan Perich, whose 1 Bit Music I have written about previously. It is difficult to call them a band, as they don’t really have albums, but they do performances using electronic noisemakers of their own design. They collaborated with Bleep Labs on the Bit […]