Monthly Archives: December 2009

Crash Space

I’ve been playing around with the Loud Objects Noise Toy for a while now, trying to figure out how to reporgram it. I’ve figured out quite a bit, but there isn’t really any documentation and there seems to be an assumption that you know what you’re doing to start with. I don’t. What I need […]

Bangsplat Presents Download Store

The Bangsplat digital download store is now open! There’s a good reason that iTunes and Amazon MP3 Download Store have become so popular. Increasing broadband speeds and storage capacity makes instant gratification possible for music purchases. I’m not real fond of MP3 as a distribution format, but technology provides a solution for that in the […]

Open Source Restaurant?

Make Magazine posted this to their blog — a restaurant constructed entirely from the Instructables website. Including food. The Instructables Restaurant A lot of people post a lot of things to Instructables. A lot of it is good, but some of it is dubious. Hopefully there was some quality control going on here.

Music For The Robots Now Available For Sale

The music page now has a purchase button for Music For The Robots. Payments are currently being handled via PayPal.

Where Are My Smart Agents?

So say you want to buy music online. Why not? It’s convenient and well… convenient. Particularly if you already know what you want. Nothing beats a properly organized, well-stocked record store for finding new music. If you walk in and find music you like, then look at the albums nearby and have a high chance […]