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Binary Bebop

The RPM Challenge 2010 album, Binary Bebop, is officially done and delivered. The physical copy is in the mail and the MP3 has been uploaded into the jukebox. This year they have created custom jukebox URLs. The Bangsplat RPM jukebox can be found here. The 2010 entry will be added soon, but in the meantime, […]


Binary Bebop – RPM 2010 album

RPM Challenge 2010 Update

It’s February, which means RPM Challenge. When I wrote about this year’s RPM Challenge previously, I had mentioned plans that all changed when I sat down to create the tracks. Last year, I wrote a synthesizer to generate notes, and developed a 16-tone scale. The score of the piece was intended to develop interesting combinations […]

Windows: A Virtualized Sound Mess

I prefer the Mac for almost every task, but my main audio editing tools are Sony Sound Forge and Vegas, which are Windows-only. I’ve tried some Mac-based tools, but haven’t been happy with them, and a heavy monetary investment in the Forge/Vegas solution makes switching to the Mac products which do look promising. I use […]

The Koan Of Fail

When I set up to record the Thingamagoop 2 sample, there was a small problem. It has a phono jack on top for plugging in headphones, or for connecting to an amp, mixer or digital recorder. When you plug a 1/4″ plug into it, the speaker is disconnected, which is handy when you don’t want […]