Monthly Archives: March 2010


Dr Bleep has a new kit called the PicoPaso. It’s inspired by (though not the same circuit as) the Atari Punk Console. There are only a handful of components – a chip, three capacitors, a handful of resistors, two two photocells, a couple potentiometers, two buttons, and a 1/4″ jack. The 1/4″ jack doubles as […]

Binary Bebop (Again)

As previously reported, Binary Bebop is available in the RPM Jukebox, but it is also now in the download store, available in MP3 or FLAC formats in the original mono mix. Inspired by the great Brad Sucks, I have also made the audio source files available in the download store. Binary Bebop is released under […]

RPM Challenge 2010 Jukebox Now Live

Binary Bebop, the Bangsplat entry to the 2010 RPM Challenge is now live in the RPM Jukebox. You can listen to or download a 128 kbps MP3 of the track. I’ll be putting higher bitrate MP3 version as well as a lossless FLAC version into the web store. The RPM Jukebox is at You […]

Atari Punk Console

There are quite a few DIY music plans and kits available on the internet. I’ve talked about some – I have the Loud Objects Noise Toy and the Thingamagoop. It’s exciting that a minimum of electronic components can be assembled into a functional noise-making device. But while the Loud Objects Noise Toy shows that all […]