Monthly Archives: May 2010

The Joy Of Wire

This Thursday, June 3, Steve Lampen will be giving his Joy Of Wire presentation at Crash Space. This presentation was the last thing on the schedule for the Hollywood Post Alliance Tech Retreat this past February, and I decided to stay for it because Steve is an engaging speaker even when talking on mundane technical […]

Of MakerBots And John Locke (Not The Guy On Lost)

I have mentioned the MakerBot a few times on this blog, but have not really talked about it. If you haven’t figured it out yet, the MakerBot Cupcake CNC is a 3D printer. Yeah, that’s right – it prints three dimensional objects. It works by melting a plastic filament (ABS – the same stuff that […]

MakerBot Is Go!

Every self-respecting hackerspace needs a MakerBot, so Crash Space got a MakerBot! (The other thing every self-respecting hackerspace needs is a laser cutter. Bre Pettis calls it the best hackerspace upgrade ever. That’s next.) The MakerBot arrived about a month ago. We spent two Sundays building it. And then… it sat. Everyone is excited about […]

Noise Toy Mk 3

There was a Music Hack Day at Crash Space on Saturday and I finished the re-designed noise toy. The output levels are a bit lower than I expected, but still good. Certainly more headphone-friendly. And ultimately, being entirely composed of square waves, the output has a resolution of 1 bit, so it can be amplified […]

Noise Toy Build Night Recap

The Noise Toy build night was a success. There were six of us and we ended up with five working devices (one person had to leave early). The plan turned out to be too involved for a single evening. We got far enough to get everyone making noise, but we did not get the programming […]