Monthly Archives: June 2010

“sequencer different time grids”

Someone searched on “sequencer different time grids” to find this blog. While I’ve been obsessed with different scale types, I never thought much about the implications of different time scales in grid sequencers. Currently, this blog comes up second in the Google search. The first hit is a discussion of an interesting-looking sequencer for Atari […]

Handmade Music L.A. Recap

The first ever Handmade Music L.A. was a great success. There was some great music, some cool handmade instruments, and even a concerto written for MakerBots! There’s a video being edited, which I’ll link to. But here are a few pictures from the CRASHSpace Flickr: Sweaty Caps and his and his Monome-powered acoustic set. My […]

RepRap Part Number 1

Today the L.A. MakerBot group met at CRASH Space this afternoon. One of the guests was making a Rep Rap Darwin and was interested in knowing what was involved in printing the plastic parts on a MakerBot. To demonstrate, I downloaded the RepRap 1.0.6 STL files from Thingiverse and randomly selected one (the bed clamp), […]

CNC Music

The MakerBot, like most CNC devices, uses stepper motors to control the build platform and Z axis. Stepper motors work by turning on and off to precisely control positioning, which means they make noise. The noise generated depends on the motion, so if you move the motors just right, you can control the pitch and […]

Loop Machine Prototype

Here’s a picture of the Loop Machine prototype finished up for Handmade Music L.A.