Monthly Archives: June 2010

Loop Machine

Did you ever spend time circling a great idea without realizing it? The moment of recognition is an epiphany that can make one feel a genius. Or make one wonder what great ideas one never recognized. *** A few years ago, a little transistor radio-sized device called the Buddha Machine caused a bit of a […]

Buy A Shirt, Get An Album For Free (Or Not)

Up to a certain point, the internet makes it possible for an independent artist to sell music directly to fans. Past that point, some help (a label, probably) is necessary. For new artists, or established artists who think they will never get to the big time, direct internet sales makes a great deal of sense. […]

Ooh… Pretty…

*** Also, a reminder that tomorrow (Thursday) night is the Joy Of Wire talk at Crash Space. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, consider coming by for the talk. I promise you will not walk away bored.