Monthly Archives: July 2010

This Gigantic Robot Kills

MC Lars has an awesome nerdcore record called This Gigantic Robot Kills. The CD is awesome enough, but now there’s a limited edition available – a USB stick disguised as a robot. And it’s the best album packaging ever. The stick is $30 and contains MP3s of every MC Lars album, EP, and podcast.

Fables Of The Remastering

I wrote about the “Deluxe” edition of R.E.M.’s Murmur a couple years ago. The 25th Anniversary “Deluxe” edition of Fables Of The Reconstruction is out this week. It’s remastered the same way as Murmur was. Maybe a bit worse. The RMS levels are all between -10 and -12 dB. The bonus disc is very interesting […]


In case you haven’t been to the main site today, you may want to check out the new Projects section. This is where I will be putting up information on the various projects (mostly electronic) that I’ve been working on and posting about.  There’s only a little bit of info there now, but soon you […]