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Tristan Perich is a musician who has been doing some very interesting things with microcontroller-based music. He is a member of the Loud Objects, makers of the Loud Objects Noise Toy (itself microcontroller-based). Several years ago, Perich released 1-Bit Music, a microcontroller hot glued to the inside of a CD jewel case, along with a […]

No Better Than This

John Mellencamp has a new T-Bone Burnett-produced album, No Better Than This. It’s not a CODE release, just a regular CD. But T-Bone Burnett is a good musical iconoclast, so the rear cover proclaims “RECORDED IN MONO”. Be still, my fluttering heart. Apparently, the songs were recorded live into a single microphone onto a vintage […]

Why, Why, Why???

The Arcade Fire chose a digital distribution model for their new album, The Suburbs. Digital-only is $7.99. CD plus download is $12.99. The deluxe edition is a double 12″ vinyl plus download for $24.99. Downloads are available in 320 kbps MP3, FLAC, or Apple Lossless. There is also an AAC version that has synchronized visuals. […]

Susan “BR” Rosenberg

BR was the easiest person I knew to disagree with. Not because she was particularly disagreeable or that we disagreed often. It’s just that she was so willing to accept that other people disagreed with her on many topics. It wasn’t a horrible thing, and she didn’t take it personally. She was so convinced of […]

Super Secret Squirrel

This was a big secret back in June when I did it, but I neglected to post anything after the need for secrecy passed. My 6th wedding anniversary was this past June and I wanted to do something special and unique, but not ostentatious, for the missus. It ended up being her idea – she […]