Monthly Archives: January 2011


I cannot say enough nice things about Noisebug in Pomona. Moog Music, unfortunately, not so much. Don’t get me wrong – Moog makes some great musical instruments, and Robert Moog was a genius. But my first interaction with the company has not been exactly an excellent experience. I have, needless to say, been wanting a […]

Bit Blob Jr. Kit Build Night

February is turning into music month at CRASH Space. February 26 is another Handmade Music Los Angeles. Prior to that, on February 10th, I will be hosting a kit build night. We’ll be building the Bleep Labs Bit Blob Jr. The Bit Blob Jr. is the kit version of the Bleep Labs/Loud Objects noise maker […]

Monome – Video

Here’s the completed Monome in action. It’s a ChucK script that uses the Monome buttons for Conway’s Game Of Life – along with sounds generated by the cells on the buttons.


Back in March, I wrote about wanting a 16×16 grid sequencer, and some of the options that were available. Since then, Monome released a new kit that was expandable to 16×16, and I took the plunge. It was a bit more money than I planned, but it got me what I wanted and provided the […]

CES 2011 Day Two

As I thought yesterday, cameras are indeed the unexpected trend this year. I saw more toys with embedded cameras, spy cameras, etc. And at least four of the products that received innovation awards from the CEA this year were webcams (Logitech (twice), Microsoft, and HP). Casio has the funky-looking Tryx, and there are a number […]