Monthly Archives: January 2011

CES 2011 Day One

I’m back at the Consumer Electronics Show this year. Today was a short day, as I arrived mid-afternoon and headed to the Las Vegas Convention Center South Upper Hall to check out MakerBot’s booth. They had six Thing-O-Matics running and it was very impressive. The trends this year are obviously going to be tablet computers […]

MakerBot 101 Class 2011-01-16 8:00 PM

On Sunday 16 January 2011 at 8:00 PM, I will be conducting the first official MakerBot 101 class at CRASH Space, 10526 Venice Blvd, Culver City CA 90232. If you are interested in the MakerBot and are in the Los Angeles area, check it out. This will be the first of a monthly series of […]

RoboHeart Part 5

For the rest of the project, I had to get some help. The Yellowjacket Arduino didn’t work. Well, it kind of worked. But not on my home Wi-Fi network. I expect it has to do with the security type on my network. So, on to Plan B.