Monthly Archives: April 2011

Max V. Mathews, The Father Of Computer Music

Max Mathews, computer music pioneer and namesake of the computer performance software Max , died yesterday from complications due to pneumonia at the age of 84. Max pioneered computer music with his programs for the IBM 704 mainframe in the late 1950’s. A famous early piece was “Daisy Bell” (AKA Bicycle Built For Two), which […]

A Party

Last night, I got to see Mick Jones play guitar close enough I could have reached out and touched him. That’s something I never thought I’d see – at any distance. It has been fifteen years since Big Audio Dynamite’s last album, and over twenty since the band’s original lineup last played. When they appeared […]

How To Be An Indie Kickstarter

This morning, MC Lars tweeted that he was putting up a Kickstarter campaign to finish his new album, Lars Attacks!  I was at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, so I wasn’t able to check it out until the evening. His goal was a meager $5,000.  I suspect he didn’t really need it to finish […] is building a network of radiation detectors throughout Japan, Southeast Asia, and eventually around the world, to make real-time radiation monitoring possible by anyone, anywhere – without having to rely on governments or companies. It’s a Kickstarter campaign, and you can help make it happen. Please check out the project page and consider making […]

Monome – Another Video

Here’s another video of the Monome I built. Monome MK 256 from Bangsplat on Vimeo. There is a ton of software available on the Monome site, for a variety of platforms: Max/MSP, Pure Data, ChucK, etc. I like the idea of using Pure Data (Pd), which is as open source as the Monome itself. Max/MSP […]