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Meet The Pixels!

My RPM Challenge 2014 project is called Meet The Pixels! My idea was to take a photograph and converting the image data into sound. Not the same way I did the Robert Rauschenberg pieces. I wanted to take the raw image samples and use them as PCM data. The picture is of a brick wall […]

Digital Albums > Compact Discs

Music Ally notes that digital album sales have outpaced CDs for the first time in 2013. Thanks to The Trichordist for the link. When you include vinyl and other physical formats (not sure what that would be – cassette? 8-track? flexi-disk?) physical media is collectively a winner with 51.4% of sales. But in 2013, there […]

Sneak Peek

Almost there… (RPM 2014)    

RPM Challenge 2014

I have signed up for the 2014 RPM Challenge, although we’re already more than a week into it and I have no concrete plans. And the next couple weeks are going to be busy with work and life. So I’m not sure I’ll be able to actually finish anything. Here’s my last year’s entry:   […]