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Void World

RPM X Done (Mostly)

Yesterday I rendered the final mix of my RPM Challenge entry for this year. It’s done! Now I have to make the CD version, burn a couple copies and pop them in the mail. I ended up not doing any of the first several ideas – even the Very Good Idea – that I first […]

RPM Dilemma

Rhetorical question for you. Though you can answer in the comments if you like. What do you do if you have a great idea (well, a good one at least) but aren’t sure that you can do it justice in the needed time frame? Do you go for it, and risk underperforming? Or do you […]

The Ghost Of RPMs Past

All of my past RPM Challenge albums are now available on my Bandcamp page. Here is 2008 – “The Superstition Of Witchcraft”: and 2009 – “Discrete Silicon Transform”:   Both are available to stream and for download on a pay-what-you-want basis. Including free.


It’s February. Which means RPM Challenge time. This year, they’re calling it RPM X – because it’s the tenth year of the challenge. And I’m a little surprised to realize this will be my eighth year of participating. I’ve been excited all January to get started, but I’ve intentionally not allowed myself to think about […]