Seven Pieces Of Tilework

How do you argue with free music?

Tom Johnson writes very mathematical modern music, and his latest album is available for listening on his web site. He has a lot of CDs for sale, since he’s been writing music for a while. So this must be an interesting transition.

Or not. As he says on his web site:

When I prepared the Seven Pieces of Tilework  with the sound engineer Daniel Deshays, we thought it would be a CD, but now that the CD market has all but disappeared, it seems best just to place this music on the web site, where it can be heard by everyone without payment. In classical music, composers and performers never earned very much money from record sales anyway. The records were made mostly just to promote the ideas, and to stimulate the real profits generated by real musical experiences – live performances, and this continues to be the case. Our hope is that some performers will want to order the scores, that some broadcasters and concert producers will want to present them, and most of all, that listeners of all types will learn to appreciate music constructed as “tilework.”

It’s interesting music, and it’s free to listen.  Go check it out. Hopefully Johnson will make more of his catalogue available for free in the future.

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