Newspaper Album

I finally received the “newspaper” edition of Radiohead’s The King Of Limbs album, after months of wondering what it was all about.

It’s a newspaper. With lyric printed on it. And some artwork.

The “purpose built sleeve” is a cardboard record sleeve. Nothing special about it.

The “625 tiny pieces of artwork” appears to be another blotter, like what came with the Flaming Lips gummi skull.

The biodegradable plastic sleeve is flimsy and begs to be thrown away (I may put it in the compost bin). But they printed a message on it saying they hoped you would want to keep it longer than it will take to degrade in the environment. I think they overestimate its cool factor.

The clear vinyl (2 disk) version of the album is very cool. And they threw in a CD for good measure. But I’ve already listened to the album a bunch because of the WAVE file downloads.

Grumble grumble grumble…

It’s a collectors edition of the album, nothing more, nothing less. The clear vinyl records are gorgeous. And I’m sure they had fun designing the newspaper. But the vague “newpaper album” description had raised my hopes that they would be doing something new, like releasing “editions” of the album. Radiohead has never shied away from experimenting (albeit halfway) with new ideas, so I hope they were reading the fan forums to get some ideas of what people thought the “newspaper album” concept would be all about.

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