Sound Forge 1.0 For Mac

I am insanely excited that my favorite audio editor, Sound Forge, is now available for the Macintosh. Thank you, Sony!

I am a Macintosh user. But I am a big fan of Sound Forge and Vegas (I used to work for Sonic Foundry before they sold the software division to Sony, so I’m very familiar with these products) and haven’t found any Mac tools that I like. In fact, I maintain a Windows machine just to run Sound Forge and Vegas. It’s a virtual machine these days, but it’s still a pain, and it’s not great in terms of audio support.

It’s definitely a 1.0 tool. There are a lot of things missing (FM synthesis, FFT analysis, the Chorus filter and it’s wonderful “Cheap TV” preset), and some stuff works differently. But the foundation is there. If you need to do sample-accurate audio edits (without changing the content you’re not editing) or normalize files for mastering, this is the tool you need. They have been very good about updating Forge on the Windows side, and I assume they will support the Mac version as well.

There are cheaper (and even free) editors out there, but they all have quirks that send me back to my Windows VM and Sound Forge. Being able to record, edit, and convert right on my Mac makes the $230 cross-grade well worth it to me.

Can we please get Vegas for the Mac now? That would be awesome.

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