Reading And Writing

Lawrence Lessig’s Read/Write Culture concept centers around the notion of remixing other people’s media. But there is a second implied meaning that is even more fundamental. Read/Write should be about enabling everyone to create culture (whatever form it takes), rather than just consuming it.

The Free and Open Source Software movement is a big part of this by minimizing the cost and barrier to entry for free alternatives to expensive media tools like Photoshop, Logic, and Premiere. Lessig has tried to use Creative Commons to help make an Open Source Media movement.

But the internet is more than just music, videos, and ebooks. Social media depends on user-generated content – people have to post content to make YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc. interesting to look at.

Lately, I’ve found myself consuming the internet, and not doing much contributing. When I logged on to write this, I was shocked that I haven’t been on in over four months. There was a pending comment from October. For shame.

Real life has been busy for me lately, but I’ve been drowning in the online reading, too. Keeping up on e-mail, Twitter, and my RSS reader was overwhelming and I couldn’t get “caught up” enough to even think about posting.

Thank goodness for the RPM Challenge. I almost didn’t participate this year, but I didn’t want to break my 5 year streak. I wasn’t able to get as elaborate as I wanted, but I put together “Address.”

It’s by far the creepiest noise I have ever made. I don’t expect anyone to like it or listen to the whole thing, but it gives me chills. And I feel so much better to have actually made something.

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