Meet The Pixels!

My RPM Challenge 2014 project is called Meet The Pixels!

My idea was to take a photograph and converting the image data into sound. Not the same way I did the Robert Rauschenberg pieces. I wanted to take the raw image samples and use them as PCM data.

The picture is of a brick wall with paint splattered on it. It’s mostly red, with an interesting texture, so I thought it might be interesting. I converted the image into the CMYK color space to get four separate channels of data, which I saved to separate 16 bit grayscale raw files and then added WAVE headers to create audio files.

I processed the audio files in a variety of ways (including Paul’s Extreme Stretch) to stretch them out to album-length. Then I layered and mixed them together.

It sounds like the soundtrack for a science fiction horror film.

The cover is made from the CMYK channels of the photograph.

The FLAC file is too bit for Bandcamp, so I had to do an exclusive special mono version!

Meet The Pixels! Cover

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