WHY, WHY, WHY??? (Again)

Obviously, the music artists, recording, and mastering engineers of the mainstream music industry are not reading this blog. Or at least ignoring my sage advice. (I joke, of course – hardly anyone reads this blog, mostly because I’m not famous, and I so rarely post, but I still somehow manage a small regular amount of highly appreciated traffic.)

I have built up a small backlog of CD purchases to rip for listening. And the mastering errors and odd track index points continue apace. I rant about this at length in an earlier post here. It really bothers me, and I feel compelled to fix them, which in some cases can be time consuming. And I end up being resentful for my lost time if I don’t love the album. Fortunately, I’ve gotten pretty good at predicting which albums will have problems (yes, I’m talking about you, Spoon, New Pornographers, and Weezer – the same artists who over-compress their music, as it usually happens).

So I say this again – if you want two tracks to be separate, make sure the index point between them is on silence (even if it’s a single sample). If you want them to be crossfaded, make them a single track.

It’s kind of a lose-lose situation. Separate tracks mean no album mastering the way you want, but no one is going to hear it that way anyway. And making a single tracks means you can’t sell two tracks at 89 cents each.


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