RPM Dilemma

Rhetorical question for you. Though you can answer in the comments if you like.

What do you do if you have a great idea (well, a good one at least) but aren’t sure that you can do it justice in the needed time frame? Do you go for it, and risk underperforming? Or do you try to do something you can reliably get done?

I realize this sounds like a procrastinator talking. Or a perfectionist who lets the perfect be the enemy of the good. Or both. And while I am definitely a procrastinator, and probably a self-defeating perfectionist, I am not trying to put this off, but I am thinking I want to give it more them than the next three weeks.

I do most of my best thinking in the bathtub. It’s a fairly distraction-free zone where thoughts can flow and the brain can work problems. I was working on my RPM Challenge project in the tub when I had a great idea. Or at least a Good Idea. A fairly well fleshed-out idea with a title and everything. I like it.

Pure Data is probably the best tool for me to use for the bulk of it, but there are things I would need to know how to do that I do not. So I’ve been brushing up on Pd and researching how to do what I need… and I have realized that it’s probably a lot more work than February will allow me.

But I’ve stumbled across a couple of things in Pd that give me ideas that are definitely doable in the RPM Challenge time frame. Not super original ideas, perhaps. Long form noise collage sort of things. But still a lot of work, and potentially satisfying when done.

I’m proceeding with my remedial learning. And making lots of notes. Honestly, I could probably get a version of the Good Idea done by February 28th. But if it’s not great, I’m less likely to revisit it because it’s already Done. Which is probably a stupid way of looking at things. But it’s the way my brain works.

Thanks for lending me your ears (or eyes, I guess). I think I’ve made up my mind. I’m not going to stop working on the Good Idea now, but I probably won’t stop working on it at the end of February either. And I’ll start generating other material for Plan B in the meantime.

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