Wild Fires

The Korg DS-10 is quickly becoming my new favorite toy. There are layers upon layers to it that I am still discovering. One of the advantages of poor documentation, I suppose.

The developer has put some video tutorials on line. A couple new ones show up each week. I still need to view the lesson on Patch Mode, which I find a bit confusing, though the patch cord interface is quite slick and wonderfully intuitive.

I took the DS-10 to Big Bear this weekend. I had some down time to play with it while the rest of Southern California burned.

We get wildfires on a regular basis in Southern California. It’s Nature’s version of housekeeping. We humans tend to screw with the process by putting these fires out because we don’t like it when our stuff burns up. Usually, these fires happen in out of the way places, where relatively few people live.

With record high temperatures, single-digit humidity, and gale force Santa Ana winds, it’s no surprise that multiple wildfires broke out and quickly spread. This week’s three fires, in Montecito, Sylmar, and Corona, all broke out in populated areas. Hundreds of houses, apartments, and other dwellings have been destroyed. You start thinking thoughts of what if that was my neighborhood?

It makes for dramatic, if not terribly relaxing, television.

The other problem when these big fires happen is the smoke and soot in the air becomes awful. We saw that they had canceled the Pasadena Marathon due to air quality problems. (First reaction – Pasadena had a marathon?) Driving down the mountain, we were grateful for our two days in the clean, soot-free air. The usual light haze was instead a double-thick layer of cotton batting. I had to turn on the air conditioner to (mostly) keep it out of the car.

Tomorrow the air quality will doubtless be quite poor – not a day for a long lunch-time walk, which will give me time to review the latest DS-10 tutorials. One of the advantages of a portable synthesizer.

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