What’s My Name?

My post about Robert Rauschenberg’s passing contained a typo – I mis-spelled his name Rauschemberg (since fixed).

Last week, this blog started getting a rash of traffic generated by search engines resulting from multiple phrases containing “Rauschemberg”. Some of the phrases (“combines de rauschemberg”) make it clear that these are folks searching on information about Robert Rauschenberg’s collage pieces.

If you Google “Rauschemberg”, there is my typo in the top spot. Along with about 6000 other hits. Google asks you if you really meant “Rauschenberg” as well.

They sound a lot alike, so if you’ve never seen it written down, it’s an understandable mistake. But this is where people who put too much trust in the veracity of what they find on the Internet can get in trouble. Hey, there’s nearly six thousand web sites that spell it “Rauschemberg” so that must be right.

The sad thing is, some of the folks who are searching on “Rauchemberg” also appear to be translating the posts to other languages. There may well be folks who are interested in reading what I have to say (although mine are tangential musings for anyone looking for specific information). I decided to tag all posts relating to Robert Rauschenberg with “Rauchemberg” – just as companies register mis-spelled versions of their domains in order to get their typo traffic as well.

Sorry, Mr. Rauschenberg.

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