RPM Challenge Update 2

The piece is complete. It’s a little longer than I had planned – nearly 50 minutes.

The biggest problem with a piece of that length is finding the time to listen to it uninterrupted to see what works and where the problems are. I took it with me to a conference in Palm Springs, and spent the evenings working on it without distraction.

I found the tail end of the piece a bit lacking, so I used a soft synthesizer to generate a noise bed for the second half of the piece.

I listened to the whole piece again tonight (the wife is at her own conference in Miami) and I’m pretty happy with it. A couple small tweaks and I believe it is done.

Now I just need to decide on a name. Right now, I’m using the name of the book, “The Superstitions Of Witchcraft”, but I’m not sure that’s just right. But I need to get it burned to a final CD-R and mail off to the RPM challenge folks this week.

This month, much like the last year, has flown by. I wish I could have spent more time working on this piece, but the process has been interesting, and I have some good ideas for new ways of trying to make these sorts of ideas interesting in the future.

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