iPhone Music (Revisited)

I finally got my iPhone yesterday. Early Christmas present!

I downloaded Bloom of course. And Four Track, which has gotten some interesting reviews. But when I went to get Sonic Lighter, I discovered that Smule had released more apps. More iPhone ChucK goodies!

The popular one is Ocarina, which is exactly what the name suggests. The cool twist is you blow into the microphone to play the instrument, and touch the “holes” on the touchscreen. You can set the base note and mode, making it very flexible. It’s easy to play, but hard to play well. Like the Sonic Lighter, you can switch to a globe and listen to what others are playing, with a digg-like bookmarking system.

The most interesting of the new apps, though, is the SonicVox, intended as a voice changer. But who says you have to use a voice as input? A highly portable vocoder-like audio filter could be very useful, especially when combined with other portable electronic noisemakers like the Kaossilator and the DS-10.

Now to see if anyone makes a line input adapter for the iPhone.

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