CES Day Three

I wrapped up my CES visit in the Sands Expo Center. This is typically the land of Cheap Chinese Crap.

The coolest thing I saw was AudioBone – the so-called “stereo bone conduction headphone”. Headphones which sit on the side of the head but not over the ears. They transmit audio through the bones in the skull. You can listen to music while still hearing the surrounding environment. Which is cool from a safety standpoint, such as while driving. The headphones were less than impressive from a quality standpoint, however, and this may be inherent in the design.

Also, there were not one but two robotic lawn mowers. And they had the poor fortune to be located practically next to each other on the show floor. Well, one had poor fortune – the other was made by Husqvarna, and looked like a solid design. The other looked a little cheap in comparison. And, honestly, I don’t even remember who the other company was.

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